Apr 1

It actually looks a lot like the 4.2 V8 in the same era S4 (which makes sense as they are corporate cousins).

Can someone get me out of the grays?

Oct 28

But if I have to pay attention, how am I supposed to watch movies on my tablet or catch up on sleep while “I” drive to work?

Oct 28

1st Gear: Tesla’s Autopilot Is A ‘Distant Second’ To GM’s Super Cruise, Consumer Reports Says Read more

May 27

It can not be stressed enough how utterly garbage the slideshow layout/function is.

Mar 13 2020

I would have thought this vehicle would have been revealed during a Super Bowl commercial.

Feb 19 2020

This is simultaneously impressive and thoroughly terrifying. 

Feb 11 2020

You’d have to be insane to launch a new attainable sports car right now. I know I’ll be flamed to death but that segment is dying a slow, agonizing death. Read more

Jan 23 2020

Agreed on the awesome article, this is good jalop.

Oct 17 2018

I assume you are talking about the 4 door model. I agree, but also came around the same time as the Ford Explorer, which I think is the vehicle that really started the trend.

May 22 2018

Anyone who’s worked service knows there’s a such thing as a locked door. If a restaurant, still filled with people, is so pressed at the thought of additional people entering for any reason, why not have a host posted at the door to guide patrons out and refuse new entries? These women ‘strolled in’, ‘ignored staff’, Read more

May 11 2018

Anyone who’s driven both says buy the Fiesta. Not as roomy but way more fun.

May 2 2018

Not of fan of the way they used slow shutter speeds (or editing) to convey speed in the images. With the exception of the still photos in Washington Square Park, the rest are hard to look at.