Help me Obi Wan whoever the fuck you are
Oct 11

I just saw the Fiona Apple clip when a friend sent it to me and it made me cry - something about her closing her eyes to play piano and sing but also being so god damn *powerful.* Absolutely wrecked me.  I've always been a fan but that album is one of those no-skips, perfect start to finish masterpieces, and it got me Read more

Sep 25

This shit - growing up in a creepy house and just *living with it as if it were normal* - is why my fully skeptical non-believer husband asked our new potential neighbors if anyone had died in our house before we made an offer.  Bless him.

Aug 7

God I miss BA but like you stopped watching when this all came out.  Mikey Chen (strictly dumpling) has grown on me - he seems equal parts cooking, eating, and shopping, and I find I enjoy his videos from his dual homes in Redmond and NY during quarantine to be much more fun and relatable than his prior travel themed Read more

Jul 23

Wellbutrin did nothing for my anxiety. Prozac at a very low dose helped a lot, and was relatively easy to come off of.  Definitely keep a diary with a couple notes about your feelings etc during that trial period, as it can help lead to the med if the first one isn't a good fit.