With a high enough pledge, they will put a pixel version of you in the book. I just did this and some weird dude with a camera dropped from the sky and took my picture. Fuzzy Pickles! Read more

Both this and One Punch Man were made by web animators, and it shows you how talented this new generation of creators are. I wish the game industry embraced fan game designers as much as the anime industry encourages web comics. Read more

You can’t see them, but you have all my downvotes. Read more

Who said we don’t like the idea??

So, what you’re saying is Laura is the perfect mascot for adding ASL to video games?

No, 4 fingers (including the thumb) aren’t enough. You’ll never access the entire dictionary of ASL without having all fingers. The thing about ASL though is that it’s used to disabilities, so the idea that someone might also lack a finger or something isn’t new. Read more

I suggested the just give her giant hands. They did not think that was a good idea. Hmph. Read more

This is something I don’t understand why more companies don’t do (along with colorblind settings). If you want to sell more copies of your games, make it accessible to more people. It’s for damn sure one of the things I had in mind when I was making my card game - I want everyone possible to be able to play it. Read more

I don’t get the impression that this guy is pretending. Read more

“The only drawback is that Honeywood seems to be in a Worst Pun contest with himself as regards the characters’ names. An independent filmmaker is named Maverick D. Rector. His editor’s name is Eddie Torre. And the projectionist who shows the picture is Seymore Frames.” Read more

How bout don’t pull peoples pants down in the bathroom on your knees Read more

I have been around Miyomoto many times, never met him. I have a terribly embarrassing story of the closest I got. Read more

The tendency of humans to think they are somehow separate from nature is disturbing. Read more

Humans... Destruction of the natural world, pollution, war, famine... Read more

The real problem here is thinking humans are higher animals (from an over inflated ego standpoint)... and that narcissistic view tends to breed contempt in place of empathy. Kinda makes use the lesser species really.
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I’d argue it’s still weirder to hear Donald Duck voiced in Japanese but with the similar vocal affectations. Read more

Manga, anime and japanese pop culture has such an enormous ammount of potential for cross referencing that I can imagine the Tokyo Olympics being one of the best and biggest cultural collaborations with the Olympics of all times. Read more

Different characters for different events! The Sailor Moon girls would be an obvious fit for rhythmic gymnastics, for instance. Read more

I feel like you’re all set for the next Middle Earth Poetry Slam. Read more