So they made her Hakka.
... interesting choice.
Mulan, as by the ballad and dramas, came from the north. She lived when non-Chinese ruled (either the Toba-Wei or the Mongols) and when it wasn’t completely unheard of that women take to the weapons. Yet it is implied that although she had the support of her family (they Read more

Still one of the greatest NuWho stories.

Mark Waid did something like this with his book Irredeemable.  The premise is that it’s this guy with superman like powers who just is not psychologically equipped to be a hero and have that kind of responsibility and he ends up turning bad and going on a murderous rampage.

I thought it said, “Hi, Auntie.”

Meanwhile, the text on Killmonger’s suit reads “Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine”

He was so adorably nervous.

Most people will say the best single episode of New Who is Blink but I’m going to say Vincent and the Doctor. It shows the truly tortured existence of Vincent Van Gogh and his struggle with depression. Unlike many other times when the Doctor and his companion meet a historical figure they seem to make a genuine Read more

This is the goddamned truth.

Luke Cage soundtrack = Dad’s mp3 collection

“I have never seen the film, but by all accounts it was terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific!” Read more

Pacific Rim is such a fun, dumb movie. The trailer looks like it’s going to carry on that proud tradition. Read more

And if he sounds familiar it’s because he voiced Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender and General Iroh II in The Legend of Korra among many other credits.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to contribute to this article in time for deadline. I founded io9 because there was nothing else out there like it, and I wanted a place where I could find all the science and science fiction news that I craved. So I built io9 basically for my own personal needs. But then I discovered there Read more

“This was especially noticeable in Age of Ultron, where Black Widow’s primary source of conflict was feeling like a monster because she couldn’t have children” Read more

Am I the only one who finds the styling really weird? Same with yesterday. Harry’s kid looked like he was wearing a bathrobe, Rose looks like she is wearing a choir robe. Harry and Hermione have the kind-of wizard looking but kind-of not outfits and Ron and Ginny are sweaters (which I guess at least has some sort of Read more