Jul 17 2018

Ok so Australian senator breastfeeds while doing her job and everyone is supportive and overall YES! But model breastfeeds while also doing her job and it’s bad, PR stunt/meaningless activism? Both women are attempting to live and feed their kid. Why is one ok and the other not ok? And I understand your comment, “not Read more

Jul 17 2018

Meh. I’m still for it. I think it’s overall still helping to normalize bf, even though glamourized breastfeeding is still hilarious to me. Read more

Dec 9 2013

As someone with a milder form of CP than the mother featured in the documentary, I'll say that smoking marijuana was most likely the best thing that happened to me. Read more

Nov 22 2013

I can't decide what's more frustrating - that people like Hunter Moore exist or that people are so up tight over nudity that a woman can lose her job over private photos leaked for all the world to see.

Nov 5 2013

He did! He had an impromptu dance-off with Zachary Levi. If I can find the gif I'll post it here later.

Sep 29 2013

I'm a big fan of the current trend of victim shifting. Forget the mistreated transgendered individual, will someone please think of the intolerant people?!

Sep 29 2013

he apparently said "it" and "thing". It was no mistake. You don't call any human being "it", not even by mistake

Sep 29 2013

Also, if someone dresses like a woman, presents as a woman, behaves like a woman and wants to be addressed as a woman, what is the benefit of addressing them based on their biological sex? What information does that give you? Unless you're trying to get in their pants, it really shouldn't matter at all.