Apr 14

I’m sorry for your acquaintance’s loss, but... how is that relevant to anything they said?

Apr 13

Gee, maybe some of “the love” went away when Disney decided what we all wanted was a slapdash sequel trilogy that made our childhood heroes miserable failures, cowards, and parents of a school shooter? And then totally undercut the finale of the original films by having Palpatine survive (more or less, clone, Read more

Apr 13

There’s a very contrarian bent when it comes to Star Wars in certain places, especially here.

Star Wars films can never be accused of being great art, but they shouldn’t be boring. TLJ was dull as hell.

Apr 8

I mean, it was over when they asked at that debate, “If no candidate has a majority of delegates, should the popular vote matter?” Read more

Apr 8

i reached acceptance when rules kept changing for who could be at the debates and pete and joe managed to make those new requirements each time. joe especially who floundered the entire time.

but hey cool, be happy you have joe, i guess.

Jan 22 2020

If only voters had a say and could choose from a dozen-and-a-half candidates.  So sad that Joe Biden will be forced upon said voters.

Jan 22 2020

Uh. Given that Warren is polling less than Bernie, it’s Warren that’s dividing the progressive vote and helping Biden. In this equation, the only people actively hurting Biden are people campaigning in his lane, but Buttigieg and Klobachar don’t have the momentum. Read more

Jan 22 2020

He delayed running in 2015 to get Warren to run; he ran after she refused to. He got a lot of momentum going but couldn’t close. He then campaigned for Hillary, including in at least one swing state that she herself didn’t go to. He did 28 more events for her than she did for Obama. Read more

Jan 21 2020

Instead, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts will be found on Peacock, NBC’s own upcoming proprietary streaming service. Because that’s how we live now: Everyone has their own streaming app, because you paying one or two subscriptions a month to get access to many things is much more inconvenient for these studios’ Read more

Oct 28 2014

You may have missed a story in the news a few days ago about Bristol comparing herself to Chelsea Clinton ... that the liberal media would NEVER have blasted Chelsea for being in a drunken brawl because she's protected and out-of-bounds. Check out the post I wrote on my own blog: Read more

Oct 10 2014

You already proved you are a citizen of the state when you registered to vote. The only thing a Voter ID law could stop is someone pretending to be someone else and voting in their name, which is already a felony both federally and in every state. I think someone willing to commit a felony in order to fraudulently Read more

Oct 7 2014

First off, Ren & Stimpy is not better than Korra. I've only seen one part of the first season of Korra but i know without certainty it is better. I watched R&S when it was on the air. It was subversive, different, and original in many ways. But it was never all that funny and the jokes got real old real quick. Now Read more

Sep 30 2014

Its mean and awful, and shame on Tracy Moore for promoting it.

Sep 27 2014

Yeah, if someone did that to me, and then started with "she's fighting the patriarchy", I'd pack my shit up and leave. If this movie is how you think fighting the patriarchy should go, I sure as hell wouldn't want to sleep on the same bed as you. I haven't seen this movie, nor do I plan to, but holy hell, this is not Read more