2:40 PM

You may have missed a story in the news a few days ago about Bristol comparing herself to Chelsea Clinton ... that the liberal media would NEVER have blasted Chelsea for being in a drunken brawl because she's protected and out-of-bounds. Check out the post I wrote on my own blog: Read more

9:57 PM

You already proved you are a citizen of the state when you registered to vote. The only thing a Voter ID law could stop is someone pretending to be someone else and voting in their name, which is already a felony both federally and in every state. I think someone willing to commit a felony in order to fraudulently Read more

2:30 PM

First off, Ren & Stimpy is not better than Korra. I've only seen one part of the first season of Korra but i know without certainty it is better. I watched R&S when it was on the air. It was subversive, different, and original in many ways. But it was never all that funny and the jokes got real old real quick. Now Read more

12:10 PM

Its mean and awful, and shame on Tracy Moore for promoting it.