You can’t think of a single reason why someone might get the wrong idea about countries that oppose the US when they’re watching their rapist be a beloved vice president? Her writings about Russia are dumb but you’re also arguing that she can’t be a rape victim because she had unamerican thoughts. Read more

Remember how much of the left/center-left treated Monica Lewinsky in the late 90's? And how everyone rallied to defend the creep who was absolutely in the wrong just because he was also the victim of right-wing smears? Read more

Reading the comments is pretty sad. Not every sexual assault victim has a spotless past and a tearful, ready-for-Lifetime story. Maybe that lady who was a bitch to you at work is also a victim, and it doesn’t make it any less bad. Maybe the guy you always see holding weird libertarian signs was molested. It’s still Read more

A lot of Jezebels are being outed as being not nearly as supportive of women as they’ve been going on and on about. It’s amazing how quickly and vociferously these Jezebel feminists become anti-women when it’s “their guy”. We all knew that’s the way it was with many on Jezebel, but this scenario made the reality very Read more

Whatever it takes to convince yourself, I guess. Read more

Biden is a known sex pest who has no problem treating women like shit (just ask Anita Hill). I think it's extremely likely the accusations are true. Read more

I honestly and truly don't know what to believe anymore. The only ONLY thing I am sure of is that I will vote for whoever is running against Trump.  Read more

Seen a lot of people ignoring this. Kudos for writing about it. Tara deserves to be heard. Read more

1. I really wish old, white men would figure out that it’s not their body, so they don’t get a say.
2. And... I really wish the Democrats weren’t looking to run a Republican against Trump. They tried that last time and see what it got us. Read more

I really hope they fix Deloris’s “destroy all humans” attitude. I dont mind a brutal killer as a villain, but the show narratively expects us to at least partially empathize with her, and i cant do that if her endgame is “all humans should die”. Destroy the foundations of our society and start anew with the survivors Read more

See and this is where it’s wild to me because I’ve had some Warren supporters be absolute ASSHOLES to me and insinuate that I’m wrestling with internalized misogyny - okay wait a minute not some, but damn near all. I see it all over Facebook, all over Twitter, and yet I would happily welcome Warren folks into the Read more

they mostly understand that Warren’s policy wishlist has very little relationship to what a Warren presidency could hope to achieve. Read more

It truly is, isn’t it. Is this quote fitting? “I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Read more

“Why would they place their bets on a woman who, despite a strong debate performance, is not performing well in any upcoming primary states? Why do they see a path forward in a woman who has recently come under scrutiny for her role as a prosecutor on a case in which a black teenage boy was sentenced to life in prison Read more

No, white women want to vote for someone who will promise to protect them and their families from the scary black and brown people. Once Bloomberg gets in the race, expect Klobuchar’s vote in this demographic to switch to him. Read more

Watching all these white women twist themselves in knots trying to avoid voting for Bernie is a sight to behold.  Read more

Um, yes. Since when is being a McKinsey alum a good thing? Advising companies on how to screw over their employees to maximize profits is hardly the type of things liberals would love. Mayor of a small town with racial issues he can’t discuss would be the top of the list for me.  Read more

Congratulations to Sanders and well done to all the candidates. Let’s destroy Shitler and save America from the forces of darkness in 2020. Read more

I was a Warren supporter from the beginning, but now I really think she should bow out and throw her support to Bernie.  The last thing we need out of this whole deal is a brokered convention, and the more people that are in it for a long period of time makes that more likely. Read more