Greg Goble
Feb 5 2018

Frank Akland at

What are your opinions of these claims?

I am asking this of you, and a few others.

Steven Krivit

Peter Hagelstein

Dr. Andrea Rossi

Dr. Francis Tanzella

Dr. Swartz

Florian Metzler

Jeff Driscoll

Also soon, to a few others I will frame a similar question.

- Greg Goble

Jan 26 2018

I decided to compile this review a number of months ago. The reason being, I had asked a few editors of LENR news sites what they thought of the claims being made by Global Energy Corporation, see in the review “2017 Global Energy Corporation LENR Update (SPAWAR LENR tech)“. Each editor asked me to provide any recent Read more

Jun 2 2016


What if the price of oil is crashing because it’s no longer needed?

What if cold fusion, also known as LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) — a safe, green, inexpensive and unlimited energy source — will become available in the not-to-distant future?

What if the banks and military, who have the ability to gain Read more

Jul 6 2014

Energetic subatomic particles are greatly influenced by the electron cloud within metallic lattice, fusion as a result of the weak nuclear force and tunneling or Coulomb explosion. Read more

Jul 2 2014

This is a list of companies and organizations currently showing positive interest in the field of LENR. Read more