Mini Guy- Now has a 4Runner
Apr 28
Asking for a friend

Hello. It’s been a long time since I have been on here. But a friend of mine has a 2018 Toyota 4Runner and is

Dec 10
Sad day today.

I was involved in a head on collision today. Good news is I’m fine. Bad news is... golf is toast. I cherished every

Nov 26
Phone oppos help

I don’t know if anyone can see this but it seems like the pixels toward the bottom of my screen have taken a dump.

Oct 19
Sunsets and lift kits

Good morning. Long time no see. Today was a great day for me. Just over a year of the 4Runner in our possession so

Jul 16 2019
Good evening Oppo

How’s your evening going? This is my first time in New Hampshire and if the sunsets are like this all the time I’ll

May 15 2019
I hate Georgia drivers.

Might sound like a lame ass story but here goes. I’m driving home (my finals ended early) turning onto the highway