Jul 8

More truck hate from Jalop ... surprise surprise. Now let’s extend that hate to the perceived owners of said truck. Perfect. Fan the flames of a culture war and then sip expresso from my morally superior perch in Williamsburg.

Jun 16

Are you planning on carrying your bike to be able to tow the vehicle home when it runs out of battery?

Jun 12

Why should a black person have to be involved anyway? Isn’t that just hiring someone based on skin color? Isn’t that, ironically, a racist move?

Jun 12

The whole thing can very well be described with tone-deafness, lack of education and lack of sensitivity. You are probably right, that there was no black person involved in the ad (except from the dude who gets shoved into the bar), then again we don’t have a significant black population in our country (about 1%), if Read more

Jun 11

Trying to save a buck by not simply using the excellent Tremec TR-6060 will end up costing them much more by the time this is over.

Jun 10

Maybe don’t harbor murders so the police have to raid your house.  But I am sure this notion will be completely lost on you.

Jun 9

Weird, the way those gantries are constructed I always assumed they just bolted them together onsite, erector-set style. It never occurred to me that the whole truss would have to be driven there in pre-assembled form, that’s nuts.

Jun 9

You walked into a store because you needed eye drops and then you “forgot” to pay for the eye drops? I’ve smoked double my body weight in pot over the last 42 years and purchased gallons of eye drops and even I don’t believe you. 

Jun 9

Defund is a dumb idea with no thinking.  Fixing the problem is harder than throwing a tantrum, but has the advantage of, you know, fixing the problem.

Jun 9

Defund is a profoundly ignorant argument that does nothing to address bad policing. It’s ‘turning over the Monopoly board and walking away’ thinking.  We have to think ahead.

Jun 8

I’ll take my chances keeping our gun rights as they stand now. Not interested in British gun restrictions.

Jun 5

the real answer is to change the laws to not require front plates.