Aug 26 2019

Incredible how something so tiny is seen as hate speech and “absolute hate towards gay people” these days. This world is going downhill. Free speech but only if it suits me. Cry babies.

Aug 26 2019

It has been shown time and time again, the vocal minority boycotting these games for not being “woke enough” dont buy the games. So be honest, you were never going to buy the game.

Aug 26 2019

Good, it was time developers grew a pair. SJWs, and jourinalists arent the ones buying their games, its the general public.

Aug 16 2019

Not to be all strict American Jurisprudence about this, but shouldn’t we hope for a little ummmm... evidence first? Read more

Aug 15 2019

Yeah, because a single novelty song co-written when you’re 23 really cuts deep into the unmoving, eternal psychology of someone, doesn’t it?

May 27 2019

I want this game to be good, but it looks really, really, really bad. I'm bummed that I'll pick it up on discount for 15 bucks, play it for a weekend, and forget it. 

May 27 2019

I was at the second location when I got annoyed at these. I assumed there would be a focus upgrade that would let you see crates through walls so I googled it and found that tracker. I made a beeline for it straight off and while I can’t say it was always easy, it made the scavenger hunting almost enjoyable. Read more

May 17 2019

They can pay lip-service to making crunch time non-mandated and say that they’ll work with managers to make sure they aren’t pressuring people into working when they don’t want to... but I seriously doubt that’s going to change the culture at all. What Jason described in the article is true: a boss telling you to do Read more

Apr 27 2019

Damn, this is disappointing. The show had one very simple, very big thing going for it - it was hilarious. We live in the era of the Sad Sitcom, so it’s easy to forget how important that is, but Santa Clarita Diet made me lough out loud at least once every episode, and that’s no small thing. The plots never really Read more

Mar 19 2019

She won’t be the first person in the KarJenner cinematic universe to become successful because of her sexual history, so, good for her.

Dec 7 2018

Yeah, I’m sure he was “an upstanding member of the community and a good ‘Christian’ that loved others”.

Dec 6 2018

How so? New Vegas is their most well known game, by a massive margin, and it’s the game that most resembles this one. It’as basic marketing. There’s no “dig.

Apr 26 2016

I don’t think that paid content is an issue at all. If it takes the removal of a monetisation option to force somebody to share his work for free, then he is not a “modder” (conventional) at all.
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