Sep 20 2019

I personally performed many of the checks on these cars at our dealership. Initially, the recall was a simple “check and report” style recall where some cars would be taken off the road and some given back to customers based on severity of the damage we found.

That changed about a month after the original recall was Read more

Sep 13 2019

More like in the low 40 percentile. If you’re going to call people an idiot, don’t start by showing everyone you’re an idiot by misquoting stats.

Sep 13 2019

38% of the people still think Donald Trump is a good president. Far more than that thought Reagan was great.
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Aug 27 2019

I feel like the pull test is useless, also just trying once is not very scientific (results must be repeatable). One cracked abs ring etc... and the Toyota system will be out for the count unlike lockers on the other two. The toyo hill accent feature is a neat parlor trick but given all the herking and jerking when Read more

Aug 26 2019

This is factory selected “accessories”...this is not “how much do buyers spend on their Jeeps after purchase” because that number would be multiple thousands of monies. 

Aug 20 2019

So, this person is claiming to be a frequent motorcyclist...and that is what she wears to go out for a ride? Nope.

Aug 20 2019

If she’d slid over the concrete dressed like that, her bare arms, chest and back would look like raw meat. There is no way this isn’t staged.

Aug 20 2019

Friends of friends were supposed to get married last weekend. Instead, a funeral service was held on their wedding day because some woman in a car hit and ran the motorcyclist groom. If this chick staged this, she can rot.

Aug 19 2019

He died like he lived: drifting aimlessly wherever the current took him.”