I should add: no offense to you. It's just that this was the column where I looked forward to reading her the most. Sorry if I conveyed the wrong message being so terse. Read more

Have people started a pool on when ScarJo's baby and Ryans baby start dating? No? Just me? Ok then. Read more

Like a stealth ninja of justice, the United States Supreme Court just announced that it won't be hearing appeals to gay marriage cases in Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana and Wisconsin, effectively legalizing same sex unions in all of those states. Somewhere, Rick Santorum screams into a knotted sheet. Read more

That bunny looks exactly like Gandalf what a fucking crock. Read more

So someone I know met Princeton mom's son, and I kid you not he was wearing not one, but two polo shirts...both collars popped! It's more than I could have ever imagined. Read more

I produce a brand that runs from 2 to 18 and we only have one based pattern, everything else is graded up/down. It would make a world of difference to have even just two (2-10/12+). This is awesome, I really hope that other manufacturers will catch on. Read more

I would wear this dress in a hot second.

We cut three patterns, and if the design doesn't look good in all three it does not go through. Read more

I've heard that people who are frequent internet trolls exhibit other behaviors in line with psychopathy, such as extreme narcissism, sadism, and Machiavellian tendencies. A University of Manitoba (yay Manitoba!) found a strong correlation between trolling and traits on the Dark Tetrad. Read more

Said it on Facebook this morning, saw it a lot in the Gawker comments - time to away with internet anonymity. No censorship, just post whatever you want to post with your first and last name next to it, linked to your Facebook account or email address. If you think it's okay to taunt a grieving 25-year-old with Read more

the math and the feminist parts of me are very happily united tonight :) thanks jezebel for posting <3 Read more

Gawker Media's tech crew has now disabled image uploads on comments in an effort to confront our Rape Gif Problem. Tech tells us that this is a temporary fix until something more long term can be worked out, but in the meantime: you're all free from the troll scourge. Carry on. Read more

I don't think I am alone in appreciating his work, both comedy and drama (often intermingled). Don't think I will be able to unpack his suicide due to depression for a while considering I have dealt with depression consistently for 20 years. That disease has the perseverance to bring down the best of us is all I