Gabor Vajda (@Gabor_V)
Apr 21 2017

Just to be factual about the Targa itself: after it was taken off the World Sportscar Championsip calendar, it went on racing for a couple more years and then it was converted into a rally in the late 70s. Hence why this was the 101st running of the event and not a “recent comeback”.

Mar 5 2017

Yeah, I remember they were driving it in the sequel (or what the hell it was). And there was footage of it doing burnouts and spins during the credits of the remastered version (which was done some time around the time the remake came out if I remember correctly).

Feb 24 2017

The whole recent history of Detroit is in that shot. Spectacular rise of the car, glorious 60s followed by a sharp plummet, hitting the ground, wrecked, surrounded by a mob and the police.

May 15 2016

Also, we must take the fact into consideration that it is the Pau Grand Prix we are talking about. It’s probably the single most important street race in Europe outside the Monaco Grand Prix. It’s fair to say that the Pau GP is the F3 equivalent of the Monaco GP. Read more