Mar 8 2017

There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about this. All aircraft avoid thunderstorms for many reasons other than just lightning and if you are just flying home from an air show it makes a lot more sense to wait till the storms are gone than risk losing a plane to a downdraft or something. Read more

Mar 8 2017

They have nothing to worry about, lighting doesn’t strike II

Jun 17 2016

I was going to let it go until he called them both propellers AND rotors in once sentence. Jalopnik wouldn’t let an author say a car is turbocharged when it’s supercharged. What’s the difference? Read more

Jun 16 2016

That is not towing.....

Jun 16 2016

Towing? This is why you guys should let FA die. If your “journalists” don’t know the extremely common and correct terminology why even write about it? You even use the correct term in the article. It’s like putting a burger on the grill and saying it’s stir-fried. That’s called a sling load by the way and is a long Read more

May 28 2016


May 27 2016

The $1 trillion number is the total cost of the entire program over the next 50 years. At the current pace, we will spend roughly the same amount funding NASA over the next 50 years.

May 27 2016

Nope. That number would be absurd. No jet fighter costs so little. I want to say that initial costs hopes were somewhere in the $25-35M range, a keep in mind that was in the ‘90s, so you are looking at more like $50M in today’s dollars. That’s still a lot less than what we are paying, but not as bad.

May 27 2016

I hear that F-35 Operators see this a lot.

May 13 2016

Don’t blame the people. Airport security is security theater to make people feel like the government is doing something to protect them (poorly). It doesn’t work. Subjecting people to humiliating searches and ridiculous procedures is not to anyone’s benefit and shouldn’t exist.

May 13 2016

Let’s say this is the primary cause of the long lines, for the sake of discussion. Read more

Apr 20 2016

This is exactly how that opening scene in fast and furious wouldve gone down in real life

Apr 20 2016

It’s a story from August that other sites already covered in August, all working from the same press release. Read more

Apr 20 2016

Gizmag covered this story in August of 2015, presumably working off the same press release: Read more

Apr 19 2016

Ignore him. People (including me) are just upset Tyler left. Read more

Apr 13 2016

absolutely fake, but great nonetheless!

Apr 12 2016

Anyone with an IQ over 80 can understand that correlation does not equal causation. Unbelievable. Even if this was valid, it’s not the speed that caused the deaths, it’s the shockingly low standards with which people are allowed to drive and the resulting otherwise avoidable “accidents.” Maybe we should lower the Read more

Apr 12 2016

Oh boy, here we go.