Sep 7

The weirdest thing is that it brought a lot of the comic book material it riffed on to a larger audience before “official” adaptations did. How many people were introduced to Dr. Orpheus not knowing he was a parody/homage to Dr. Strange? Likewise Baron Ünderbheit and Dr. Doom.

Sep 7

I enjoy both shows, but your statement is 100% accurate. 

Sep 7

Looks better, sounds better, told better jokes, had a better respect for what it riffed on, so yeah. Better in every way.

Sep 7

Rick & Morty is cynical nonsense. The Venture Brothers actually had something to say.

Sep 7

The show kept expanding and world building, and while it led to great gags, I think it would have helped to hone in on the story they were telling. Also the length between seasons would usually mean you’d forget the hints and clues they'd drop from previous seasons, so that tying them in layer didn't have as much an Read more

Sep 7

Venture Bros. is better than Rick and Morty!

Sep 2

The show was pretty good until they ran out of book and none of the top notch actors could save the show. 

Aug 28

Just in case, prepare a batch that says “2021: Hold my beer”, 2022: Brought to you by Cthulhu” and “2023:  Remember the Coronavirus?  Those were the good times”.

Aug 26

Yeah that seemed weird to me. Make it show accurate, don’t already start changing her look to fit her eventual live action debut.

Aug 26

Sorry but she does not look like Ashley Eckstein. She does, however, bear a resemblance to Rosario Dawson.

Aug 20

where can I look at the images he produces without watching a YouTube video?

Aug 17

We all lie in the bed we make, but sometimes that bed is a road. And so instead we end up walking where we sleep. But if we don’t like where we are going, its time to have a different dream. For Ellen, its time for her to wake up, into a new dream, where she can lie down, and walk her own path.

Aug 4

It is explained in the first film that your matrix self, when you jack in, is how you project yourself. Basically, the matrix doesn’t dictate what you look like when you’re hacking in. Much in the same way it doesn’t forbid you from coming in loaded to the gills with weapons.

Jul 27

You know what they say. If you can’t stand the heat, get off of Mickey Rourke’s sex grill.

Jul 27

In his defense, you were his plastic surgeon and that sword was the one you used to perform his facial reconstruction surgery with. He was rightfully angery :)

Jul 27

It’s 120 without the scarves.

Jul 27

“See this sword? Made it myself. Double-edged. Took me forever to get both edges on the same side.”

Jul 25

What makes you think it’s been a known issue?  It should be relatively safe even if one goes out, there is another engine and if both go out in can glide for about 100 miles

Jul 24

What makes you think a state-run airline manufacturer could never have a problem with corrosion? How is this issue in any way specific to capitalism? Read more