Future next gen S2000 owner

So we shouldn’t utilize driver assists because of low probability failures?

To a point yes, but when you are on the highway, it’s pretty straight forward. Yes you need to leave more distance, but it really just comes down to understanding that closing rates are more important as your acceleration capabilities are reduced.

Ladies of the evening. Or men if that is your thing.

I’ve touched 135 on GPS on my bike. Can confirm, it’s fast.

I saw a video about modern engines in planes. Some pilots wanted the control over the mixture as a measure of control, akin to the manual versus auto debate. They presented the other side of it. A company built a high tech, well performing, modern motor and nobody bought it. Read more

Look at you with your personal responsibility and reasonable take. Read more

There’s an easier way to handle drunk driving and associated liability. If you drive drunk or under the influence, you get your license permanently revoked. No exceptions. Read more

Why airplanes don’t have fuel injection at this point is beyond me.

The biggest issue for me isn’t broken mirrors or or failed motors or dead FOBS. It’s leaving my house without my damn phone. Try it. It’s amazing. I absolutely don’t want my phone acting as a key to me vehicle. Beyond all the security risks, these cars will be around for decades while phones are constantly updating. Read more

There’s a meme about that.

You are ruining it for all of us that buy a Taco or 4Runner new and enjoy suckers people buying it for almost new money after 3 years. Read more

Do I have news for you about the used Toyota Truck and SUV market… Read more

They have a reputation of running forever and high resale. High MSRP doesn’t matter as much is you are getting 75% back in 5 years.

You’re gonna want that TruCoat.

But, wouldn’t his current position disprove most of what he’s saying? Read more

Didn’t say that at all. I just pointed out the fact the someone who has that kind of rational is acting like a pretty big hypocrite.

But someone behaving badly does not automatically entitle you to compensation in a court of law. Read more

Maybe it’s just me but I’m against customized vanity plates. I say we get rid of them. Choose a background and whatever random numbers you get, you get. Read more

What would Tesla stock be up if it didn’t have SolarCity? Was the cost of buying SolarCity the best use of funds? If the investors can show a plausible better NPV of that money, than yes, monetary damage was caused through a conflict of interest. Read more