2/21/18 3:15PM

I’m not sure how many times I have to restate this for people to understand, but all BMWs come with turn signals, and their owners use them at all appropriate times. They just flash in a color that peasants can’t perceive.

9/25/17 4:57PM

Un, that’s not quite how the ‘no speed limit’ sign works. The sign indicates that extraordinary speed regulations have come to an end, signalling that the customary speed enforcements apply (usually 50 in cities, 80-100 on back roads, 110-130 on highways). In Grrmany there is only an advisory limit of 130 km/h on the Read more

12/11/16 3:23PM

Find a couple of close highway ramps with easy on/off. Full throttle acceleration onto the highway to whatever speed won’t get you arrested. Get off at the next exit, WOT back to the previous exit. Repeat as necessary.

11/22/16 2:47PM

It would be compromised because when the roof pillars were bent down, they entered the region of plastic deformation. Think of this like when you bend a paperclip back and forth until it breaks. With every bend, you weaken the intermolecular bonds until they finally snap. While those pillars look ok, they are slightly Read more

9/06/16 9:29PM

Grabby clutch it was. I loathed that stupid Corolla I learned on. It was evil, and not just because it didn’t have a tachometer.

7/15/16 1:11PM

This makes me both sad and angry. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

3/30/16 4:35PM

I want green, but they do not seem to carry them in any of my local Home Depots ( I drove around for hours). As an alternative can I use blue and yellow and then heat them up like crayons?

3/05/16 3:11PM

The Mustang was always a unibody and was developed off the Falcon platform. There were some years that the Ranchero was also based on the Falcon.

3/04/16 10:02PM

When the first SLK was fairly new, some guy had an SLK body grafted onto a G-Wagen frame with huge tyres. He also ordered a matching trailer with the same humungous wheels. He intended to do some crazy overland trip with it.

3/04/16 9:20PM

I mean, you can’t really expect New New Top Gear’s first season to be great when New New Top Gear has to live up to Old New Top Gear’s reputation, as well as compete with New Non-Top Gear Top Gear and (maybe) Fifth Gear.

3/04/16 8:58PM

Oh yes......and they all laughed at first. Wait.....they’re still laughing. I’m serious, stop laughing.....

2/29/16 3:25PM

Are you telling us that the Uniroyal factory looked like and Assyrian temple? Because that thing’s wack.

2/15/16 5:53PM

Technically, speed is a factor in every accident. If no vehicle had been moving, there would have been no accident.