Furioser and Furioser
Nov 22

I stopped believing that cut when The Fonz turned up. I get that it was creatively brave, but still, for me, it was just ... you know, disjointed.

Nov 13

John Mulaney needs the money, so that if someone tries to rob him he can throw the money, then run away while the robber is picking it up.

Nov 12

Too late, Woody read the comment this morning and made the movie this afternoon. It stars Zach Braff and Braff has already issued a statement regretting his involvement.

Nov 12

Clearly this was just a logistics goof-up. The Four Seasons needed to order a half ton of manure for fertilizing lawns, and Rudy Giuliani was delivered by mistake. These things happen.

Nov 11

Stupidity is...a central factor. The philosophy behind Trump’s brand of “conservatism” is totally incoherent as an actual worldview, but people without critical thinking skills still love it because it flatters them. I’d call that person stupid, and there are millions of them. Read more

Nov 7

Well, it looks like I’m going to be the one whose insufferable at Thanksgiving this year, Dad.

Nov 6

It doesn't sound like you liked the movie, so...why are you recommending it?

Nov 3

It seems to be an increasingly global trend in English-language media as well. I feel like you see a lot more interesting faces in British stuff, but that’s also been trending towards pretty people only for a while.