Furioser and Furioser
Jun 21

Correct, I should have said it’s the relationship of surface area to volume, not height to mass.

Jun 15

1. That’s a meaningless statement in this context, as this film is explicitly political. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing the film’s politics. Also, art is inherently political, especially art about war. Read more

Jun 13

I said it before, but “Jane Crow” is still available.

Jun 13

Ah, so the “A” now stands for “Appropriation." Got it.

Jun 13

Change it to Lazy A, reflecting how much work and thought they put into first picking the original name, and also in changing the name

Jun 13

I am also puzzled regarding his ability to walk the earth a free man, but I reckon no one will sit through a 17 hour, 56 minute documentary (with another 12 hours of “bonus footage”) on the myriad problems with Michael Bay. 

Jun 12

Exactly, it’s not what the story is, but how it’s told. The Last of Us tells it perfectly. Still haven’t brought myself to play it again. I get anticipatory sadness when I think about it.