Aug 26 2019

About people parking in front of your house? I’m in the camp of if they’re not blocking the driveway or mailbox

Aug 15 2019
GF’s PC officially done

I had put it together with a 2400g to get things updated (turned out to be unnecessary but whatever). Had to wait

Aug 14 2019
Special kind of jerk

Extra wide spaces and they still think they’re BMW is so special they need two extra large spaces. The Hilton Head

Aug 7 2019

So time to build another PC. This one will be a surprise for my gf. We are/were both in the old laptop situation.

Jul 16 2019
Bad news and good news

Bad news first: my car got hit in a parking lot. Didn’t think it looked too bad but I got an estimate done yesterday

Jul 3 2019

For getting rid of old car parts. I currently have 4 struts, a wheel bearing, and some brake pads and rotors hanging

Jun 16 2019
Oppo repair help

Replacing the struts on my girlfriend’s 97 Camry. Everything going relatively smoothly till now. I got 3 corners

May 10 2019
Oppo opinions: 1a auto

My girlfriend’s 97 Camry’s struts are long dead. She’s a grad student so $ is tight. Found this set from 1a auto

Apr 29 2019

No pics because I haven’t seen it in person. My mom traded in the stereotypical mommy mobile (early 2000s Lexus RX).

Mar 28 2019
Mazda update

Sound has gotten worse. Taking an educated guess and replacing the bearing. Unfortunately no one carries axle nuts

Mar 16 2019

Made the drive to get my car back. Now with less noise. On the drive back I used the hand brake to stop the car a

Mar 15 2019

Still no answers. Took the big drive to my uncle’s shop. They spent almost the whole day with it and can’t find

Mar 13 2019

So, the shop I took it to was/is wrong. They said it was my front brakes. Now, I thought this was odd since the