Sep 14
Even In New England

We’re seeing wildfire smoke in the sky, although it’s way, way up in the atmosphere, not messing with our breathing

Sep 10
New Winter Beater

I mean, it’s a little bit of a beater, but it’s also a 4wd F250 with a nice plow, so I expect it’ll beat the crap

Sep 8
Day 1, Kinda Sorta

While I’ve technically been employed in my new position since mid-August, today is my first actual day of teaching.

Aug 14
It's Happening Again

This is a self-serving post, but aren’t all blog posts somewhat self-serving by definition? Doesn’t the author get

Aug 7

I thought this image was appropriate; I walk by these flags on the way to my (soon-to-be-former) office often, and I

Aug 5
Things Are Looking Up

I mean, the world is still in a bad way, and in particular the US is just a general debacle and I have real concerns

Jul 20
Do NOT Adjust Your Screen

Hey all, what’s up? I’ve been off ... well, everything lately. I’ve used the internet only for weather reports, and

Jun 30
I Built A Thing

The kids had outgrown the little swing on the left (swing had been removed) and we needed two anyway. I also have

Jun 25
2 Days Left

Before, in my kids’ words, “I have July off!” Well technically I’m being furloughed, but with current unemployment

Jun 17
I have a bruise

I know this sounds like a normal thing that people get when they bump into things, but I basically don’t bruise. I

Jun 16

For starters, Torch says at the beginning of his video, basically “this is stupid so let’s give it a try” and he’s

Jun 15
Bring It, Summer

I know, those of you who live in actual hot places will NOT be impressed with this forecast, but for New England,

Jun 12
What Would Oppo Do?

In 2018 we had a couple local guys build us a shed. They are semi-retired homebuilders, not into the whole custom

Jun 8
Today I Learned

That you can (could) buy a Mercedes-badged, manual, convertible, inline 6-powered, Recaro-seat-equipped... uhhh,