May 15 2016
Grex's <i>GJ Club</i> Review

Another high school show! Yahtzee, we’re on a hot streak, but while Toradora was a romance, and The World God Only

Apr 16 2016
Grex's <i>Toradora! </i>Review

Love can be a tricky, fickle thing. Sometimes you think you’ve found it when you really haven’t, and sometimes it’s

Feb 2 2016

Oh no, this is definitely not me trying to attack you personally man. I don’t really base my reactions to people around how a general community acts one way or another. Essentially, my problem was that there were a few areas that I disagreed with in your article, and I was stronger in my opinion against them because Read more

Jan 17 2016

Oh, the 80s. Soviets were everywhere in Sci-fi, I wonder what happened...

Dec 18 2015

Gintama because its so self aware and its really hard to do self aware, funny, without being pretentious and Gintama NAILS it. Also it’s got some of the snappiest writing and best voice acting around. For a long running show to feel as fresh as the day it premiered is rare. Gintama is a rare blend of acting, Read more

Nov 28 2015
Grex's <i>Bartender</i> Review

The ever-elusive descriptor of “mature” can be an alluring qualifier for the modern anime fan, especially in today’s