May 21 2018

HARD disagree.

I am SURE someone has written an exhaustive hyper detailed breakdown of her gown down to which trees the silkworms that made the silk ate, but a quick look at the gown shows a likely un-stretchy duchesse type silk satin (no stretch), a portrait neckline, and with a sleeve length that is AFAIK dictated by Read more

May 21 2018

The worst part isn’t the fit criticism, but the “Kate won” comment. She’s needlessly pitting women against each other.

Nov 21 2017

I would imagine that all of these letters were sent alongside the actual legal documentation that goes with getting a song approved, so an explicit ask in the letters probably wasn’t necessary.

Nov 13 2017

I’m pro-Chipotle, though I’m not obessed. The queso was horrible. The graininess is definitely the fault of real cheese. It’s likely because they picked the wrong kind and the emulsifiers broke down oddly. It had zero flavor. Like I was shocked that it was just as bad and bland as everyone was saying.

Nov 6 2017

We’re just going to pretend half the preschoolers are named Belcalis?

Nov 6 2017

Thing is, “just another whiny rich girl” could describe Elizabeth t00. Hell, you could even argue her taste in men was as bad as Margaret’s. But the show’s writing and Foy’s performance do a helluva job keeping the audience on Elizabeth’s side. As much as viewers may disagree with monarchical ideals, they can’t help Read more

Oct 31 2017

Man the only reason she would escape me beating her to death would be that I would be too busy wetting myself and fainting.

Oct 30 2017

for me, look at me and the story about the two guys spying on the girl,cut a hole into the apartment take the cake

Oct 30 2017

I can’t have my back to a door when I’m working on my computer because of that story. Thanks for the trauma, Jez!

Oct 30 2017

Ah, good ol’ “Look At Me”. Still scares me even after hearing it several times. The narrated, animated version was super cool though! That was neat of you guys to honor two such great stories.

Oct 27 2017

About the “Natalie’s Dad” story: That second incident with both the parents and their angry expressions, not being able to move, the feeling of dread... that was definitely sleep paralysis. Read more

Oct 25 2017

I drove a Geo Storm in high school. That is certainly not an experience I want to re-live.