Oct 26

i hate to say it, I’m a blood-red bleeding heart liberal, but the dude in the car ACTUALLY WAS CHARGED WITH GUN POSSESSION. Which kind of makes the “allegedly had a gun in the car” part seem like, you know, a valid concern which was correctly identified and intervened on? Like, I get it, it probably had to do with two Read more

Oct 18

Man, it must suck having such bad taste in comedy to think Tim Heidecker isn’t funny at all.

Oct 13

I agree this is a notable move symbolically, but really, he’s just moving from one UMG entity to another. The Universal Music accountants probably just had to change a code associated with Stevie in Excel.

Oct 5

The Beetljuice ‘Day-O’ scene is one of my favorite moments in all of cinema, and my favorite ‘micro-genre’ of movie scene - people involuntarily dancing. (See also: the Floor Show from Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Sep 20

I'm thinking the same. I kind of expected more color without falling into the cartoonish palette of the tv series (which I love btw) 

Sep 16

My controversial take here is that after watching Jodorowsky’s Dune, I think more adaptations should be helmed by directors who have never actually read the book.

Aug 21

Sweeney himself called it misleading. It’s right there in his tweet. I was referring to what Sweeney said.

Apr 5

“Then again, he also says that he thinks Bernie Sanders should drop out of the primaries and hand the Democratic nomination to Joe Biden, which is also not going to be an especially popular position” Read more

Mar 2

The 8bitdo controllers are awful. I’ve cycled through three or four over the years and they’re all the same. The d-pad is inaccurate and all of the buttons are spongy in a way the original hardware isn’t (even Nintendo’s NES Switch online controllers are noticeably better). Worse still is the fact that the 8bitdo Read more

Feb 2 2020

Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and watch the greatest halftime show of all (half)time.

Jan 24 2020

Yes! I have a 10-month-old, and 11 months ago I couldn’t stand screaming babies. Now they don’t bother me at all. At most I idly wonder if the kid needs a nap or a diaper change. It’s exactly like a switch was flipped. 

Jan 17 2020

He says many terrible things but some stuff I’m pretty sure is just taken out of context and he is just too Morrissey to explain himself. Read more

Jan 17 2020

this is true, i have been wearing the same shoes for about 3 years now.

Jan 15 2020

Untitled Goose Game may well be one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. There’s just something so hilarious about being a complete asshole of a goose.