Today 10:33AM

Tell that to the texas tards that run the state.  And then there’s just a bunch of uneducated stupid people.  Good luck with that.

Today 10:23AM

Unless you Fear for your Life you don’t get to shoot someone. The guy was under the truck. Can’t justify shooting. Also, can’t shoot to defend an animal. If someone is attaching my dog with a knife I’m probably going to go off. But there’s a strong probability it will be ruled a bad shoot. Read more

Friday 10:46AM

The root cause isn't the lack of ashtrays, the root cause is humans are garbage.

Friday 8:20AM

When you see me rolling up in this, you know what’s about to happen. I’m about to open the door, and saunter out in my baggy track suit wearing house shoes. I’m here to watch the local co-eds play some volleyball while I eat a concession stand corn dog. Read more

Thursday 10:20PM

Wow, I got nothing other than this:

Thursday 4:38PM

waiting for the “kid rock loves lesbians” defense.

6/09/21 10:46AM

As an EV driver the answer is really simple. Don’t by a Leaf. The lack of thermal regulation on them causes massive degradation of the battery and they’re causing unnecessary concern about other EVs because Nissan is awful at EVs. I drive a Chevy Bolt. There’s a guy out there who has well over 100,000+ miles on his, Read more

6/08/21 11:41AM

On the used market they’ll still be around 30 or 40 years, unless the Republicans ban them. New models will make it at least another 15 years.

6/07/21 5:51PM

Naw, he shares the same clown car with all the other Trumpsters.