9:50 AM

I agree 100%, but the question is how does the average person ensure that companies like Amazon et. al. are not taking advantage of them en masse? Read more

5:01 PM

This is not as dumb as you think. Phishing is still the most common way to gain a foothold on a system. Even at big government organizations like NSA. Yes, most people don't fall for it, but a well crafted email sent to a large number of people will usually get you in. Read more

10:47 AM

I remember when MTV refused to play hip hop videos until 1987, they launched Yo MTV Raps... By that time they realized that hip hop was a lucrative venture.

11:00 PM

It is a deceitful use of false racism. There is no way in hell Bernard Weinraub, a highly educated journalist, would mistake those lyrics for overt racism rather than lyrics that point out racism. No. Way. There was some other agenda.

6:05 PM

Jackson is invoking President Roosevelt & the war against Nazi Germany. He puts Roosevelt on the same platform as Martin Luther King. He's saying, this is institutionalized racism against my people, black people, just like the racism directed at Jews during the holocaust. Read more

4:10 AM

What's icky about being angry that you are unfairly accused? MJ submitted to that search because he was told that failure to do so would be taken as an admission of guilt and lead to criminal charges. So, he went through with it. Read more

9:24 PM

I have found that, in death, people are realizing all of the supposed "crazy shit" that he did — this fight with Sony, the lightening skin, the lengths he went to to shield his children from the media — was not so crazy after all.

6:21 PM

The following year, Jackson, who had not been charged with any crime, was forced to undergo a humiliating 25 minute strip search by the same LAPD. The Santa Barbara District Attorney and police detectives arrived at Jackson's home in Los Olivos, California with a photographer who documented his private parts on film. Read more

2:48 AM

Quoting the Slate article, "That's what happens in politics—when you can't prove a guy did something wrong, you just insinuate that he did until he may as well have. " Read more