Nov 17 2016

Hi Stef, not to be a pedant, but this is not the case in all of the world beyond the UK - “When their version of Top Gear first gained notoriety beyond the United Kingdom, it did so in clips and torrents posted online.
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Oct 5 2016

I’ve read every single blog-post every single day on this website since about 2011. In that entire time, I have also read at least half the comments below every post, no matter how popular. My original message was about the comments section of Jalopnik, not the posts themselves.

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Oct 5 2016

Thanks for fighting the good fight, my friend. I am a (non-white) person who loves cars and come to this website often. I am not one for asking for safe-spaces or asking anything to be censored, but it is more than a little painful when reading comments on articles here on Jalopnik that are (to put it politely) Read more

Aug 26 2016

Umm, as a non-American, I don’t know if this is an example of American sarcasm or not, in which case please forgive me for this:

The Mumbai Indians have the word ‘Indian’ in their name because they represent (and have their home ground in) the city of Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India.

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Aug 17 2016

I am so satisfied with the star-giving in which I am engaged that my only regret is that I have not more stars than one to give your comment for its Barty Crouch reference!

Apr 22 2016

I love this rendition, but I completely agree with you. Great though Prince’s performance undoubtedly is, I don’t think any live version of the solos from While My Guitar Gently Weeps can touch the 2nd solo from the performance of this song in the Concert for George. You can see the tears in Clapton’s eyes as he plays

Apr 20 2016

Daenerys has two things that Sansa doesn’t - Tyrion and Varys.

Even if Sansa gets Littlefinger on her side, I doubt it will be enough to balance the scales between these two women.

(Yes, yes, I know this article is about who would be a better ruler, and not of their chances of becoming the ruler.)