Thrawn is the guy behind the curtain, and Snoke is the Wizard of Sith Read more

Just going to point out that we have been able to suicide in games since they were created. Want to suicide in pong, don’t move the paddle. Want to suicide in Doom, shoot a rocket at your feet. Read more

Depends what you mean by good. Read more

Is STO good now? I tried it when it came out and was disappointed by it.
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But the real question is does it have sea shanties? Read more

How can I be a man with a chin this small? KalEl contemplated.

Look, there are a lot of reasons, in my opinion, why Batman’s reasons for wanting to kill Superman in this film fall short. But the really bizzare part to me is how INTENSE and PASSIONATE Batman seems about killing Superman. Like, if he thinks he has to kill Superman because of the risk Superman poses to humanity, Read more

Things like the branding are why I hate Snyder’s movies, for the most part. He goes for things that would be “awesome,” ignoring what that says about a character. We’re supposed to root for a “hero” who uses batarangs to leave a permanent brand on people like they’re cattle? What? Snyder definitely went to the Frank Read more

I’ll say it again: nothing we’ve seen so far shows that Chris Terio was somehow able to make a silk purse from David Goyer’s sow’s ear. The meeting scene at the party is painfully bad and would get you kicked out of screenwriting 101 Read more

These batarang marks are side by side. Batman always rides single file, to hide his numbers. Read more

Marvel as Wonder Woman deftly slides her carry-on bag into a precariously stuffed overhead compartment! Read more

I can’t believe that they’re doubling down on that horrible “The red capes are coming” line. Read more

Yeah I remember one time where a Hobgoblin from a possible future timeline yanked an Uncle Ben from a parallel universe where Aunt May died instead of Uncle Ben. The weirdest part is when he ran into Earth-616 Aunt May, who assumed that the parallel earth Uncle Ben was Skrull and yelled at him. Long story short Read more

It’s not a Batman movie unless pearls fall into puddles. Read more

“I can’t process any more of these convoluted ‘they die but come back as their alternate dimension self, or get resurrected, or are a younger version’ plot lines. All the crossovers and bullshit.” Read more

It sounds like you don’t like comic books. Make sense that you wouldn’t like comic book movies. Read more

actually... Star Trek is very liberal, very FDR big government/Woodrow Wilson liberal.
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“good triumphs over evil, always”.....hmm you dont watch enough star trek, its anything but black and white. Read more

I actually love this style - it basically makes the game aging-proof. I’d play Skyrim again if it looked like this. Read more

This, this is fucking impressive. Read more