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if you actually care about audio quality then you'd rather be dead than get anything by Beats. Read more

Elephant in the room here kids, Balotelli despite his last name isn't lilly white and alas...the controversy. I do appreciate all of the "I don't get it, what's the big deal?" comments. That said, the difference here is Super Mario needs some friends from US major sports leagues to tutor him on dealing with groupies, Read more

Age of consent in Iceland is 15. Mario Balotelli is 24 and 19 is within the 7-year rule. Read more

It's not Smash, but everyone in Austin should check out Juegos Rancheros, a monthly gathering where you get to see new indie games that are being developed, and also drink alcohol. Read more

I don't have a Wii U, but I have a Gamecube controller and willing to travel. Read more

"white boys have the privilege of being deemed "hot" even though they're really basic or mediocre." Read more

Yeah, not like there's any disenfranchisement, gerrymandering, or corruption going on... Read more

Most of us difn't vote for them, troll. Read more

What groups are more diverse than Congress? Let's take a look. Read more

So my K-K-Kongress joke still holds up, then? Read more

While Congress is still whiter than a square dance, Read more

I love how scathing and sarcastic this post is. Needed. Read more

Especially blondes. They get so much praise for looking so mediocre. Read more

What's with all the outrage? Dude is just suffering from affluenza. People need to be more sensitive about rich douchebags who harm others when they don't get their needs met. It's a tragedy that this country doesn't talk affluenza seriously. Read more

Jim, you speak overconfidently. Read more

The same people who claim high bit-rate makes no difference are still able to discern the differences in live audio and recorded, making such arguments truly ridiculous. Our experience of sound is not limited to what is mensurate by mechanical devices. Read more

It's a dedicated music player that costs $1200. The answer to your questions is "Not good enough, at that price." Read more

$1200 and ONLY 128gb? This thing should hold at least 5tb for that kind of price, be made of something ridiculous like tungsten or bronze, have and OLED screen, and come with some kind of sandwich of your choosing. (I'd like a corn beef reuben for the record [with RUSSIAN dressing, not Thousand Island, you savages]). Read more