Fred (FreddsterExprs)
Jun 9

Shockingly brilliant! If you don’t get amped by this I don’t know watts wrong with you. I just don’t understand the resistance to EV racing, not to mention the circuits they run at, they’re such fun events, the atmosphere is absolutely electric! I want to run in Lemons so bad it hertz, and not just some resurrected Read more

Apr 24

I can concede the 355 is better than the 348, but the 360 is by far the prettier car than the 430, which don’t get me wrong the 430 is a great design but the 360 just seems more honesty with its smoother front end, and the 458 is by FAR a prettier design than the 488. The 488's side-view looks awkward, the intakes on Read more

Feb 28

The funny part about conservatives trying to be funny is that they keep trying.

Feb 12

the interior looks like a 90's/early 2000's show car’s custom fiberglass sound system enclosure

Nov 12

In an utter stroke of serendipity, I got to see this car (and several other Paganis) up close a few weeks ago while it was getting cleaned off for a shoot at Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA. I believe this was the beginning of their U.S. Raduno.

Nov 4

Why swap a Toyota V8 in to a BMW?

Nov 3

They all are. I mean Opera clearly looks like a Vagina.

I mean look at this! It’s obscene!

Nov 3

Im sorry but what in the actual hell is this article? A sperm? That’s a stretch, by a long shot.

Oct 10

The show will never be funnier than when they all told the story from their own POV and had an actual ostrich play the part of Dee... Read more

Sep 30

Lotus 49. Literally changed the Formula 1 game with the DFV being a stressed member, paving the way for compact rear packaging to this day.

Aug 23 2019

I think R8s from those years are aging better than any other supercar of the era. Matt Farah actually tweeted about this exact thing today. The R8 is timeless.

Aug 14 2019

Your boss traded in a nearly $400,000 supercar on a LC500? I love the LC500, but that’s just insane. 

Jul 24 2019

Who let you out of the greys.

May 2 2019

Infinitely likable Lin-Manuel Miranda?  Have you seen his tweets?