Apr 5 2019

Sometimes, when shopping with my wife, she’ll pick up a shirt or whatever and say it looks great, then pick up another and declare it “hideous”, and I’m honestly just baffled. They all usually look fine to me, and I don’t ever see the big difference that makes one good and the other terrible. Read more

Mar 15 2019

Talk about burying the lede: Joe Montana goes by “Joseph” on Twitter? lol

Mar 14 2019

It was so obvious that Montana’s sons weren’t real football players.

Feb 1 2019

Hey Kevin. We realize you left a great team with an elite PG to play with an even better PG on an even better team. Now that you’ve gotten all that success out of your system, can we interest you in some Emmanuel Mudiay pick and rolls?

Feb 1 2019

My dad’s always calling me a young offensive guy, too, but it doesn’t seem to help in my job search.

Feb 1 2019

Football is an intricately complex game at the personnel level as well as the in game tactical level. I really believe that. Read more

Jan 21 2019

The, “OK. Thanks.” killed me. It was awesome because he was spitting straight fire in the booth, and he knew it. 

Jan 21 2019

If he’s such a great prognosticator, then why didn’t he open the broadcast with, “Everybody should just go to bed right now, because in a few hours you will all want to kill yourselves.”