Aug 11 2015

He was cautioned for trespassing — but not arrested — when he showed up at Monica’s house again on June 19.
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Aug 9 2015

The fundamental problem with this movie isn’t the casting of a cis actor to play a trans person. It’s this obsession with transition narratives and *THE CHANGE* that cis society has. People don’t really want to see trans people being their authentic selves: they want to see the trans version of blackface.

Aug 9 2015

I suppose it’s progress that the LGBTQ community is finally getting mainstream movies that are just as generic, maudlin and hokey as the movies they make for everyone else. Personally, I prefer my queer movies a bit more, well, queer. But I guess this and Stonewall could be considered eye-opening and educational for Read more

Jul 28 2015

This is unreal in that I am literally 43 minutes into the first episode as I type. I’d been hearing such great things and was intrigued by the premise, who doesn’t want to know how these things really work? It is fantastic and I am already hooked. Even my husband, who had to be manipulated into it (aren’t you curious Read more

Jul 28 2015

UnReal was marketed by offering the first four episodes online before they aired. I watch it on Tuesday mornings, while my husband is at work and I’m between errands. (There’s a long wait in the middle.) I don’t think that counts in their ratings, but I do watch it - and I’ve never sat through an entire episode of The Read more

Jul 28 2015

UnReal is great, I don't know what he's been watching. It's also he only reason I watched The Bachelorette for the first time ever, so he should maybe say thank you a little bit.

Jul 28 2015

Unreal is awesome. All the characters are different levels of evil or amoral. They are so manipulative. All that matters is the show and getting ratings.

Jul 24 2015

Nah. The most offensive slur to white people is 'racist.' If you call them that, they seethe with rage and denial