Tim (Fractal Footwork)

Ugh. That’s a real bad photoshop. They didn’t even bother doing their own shoot with that 27 million, they used the first result on Google Images:

Oct 26

I proposed this weekend and the M3 was a part of it, if I ever needed a reason to convince my fiancee we need to keep it around.

Oct 19

I didn’t think tire technology could handle these speeds. It looks like they used Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s (FUCKING STREET TIRES) for the run. Honestly, it’s amazing that they didn’t shred from the centrifugal forces.

Oct 16

Lived in Portland for five years, we’re gonna avoid the city and drive to Eugene instead. With the daily protests and whatnot, Portland isn’t on our list. Driving home will be on Highway 1 exclusively, enjoy the drive. Like so many we’ve been cooped up all year and I need to drive, a lot.