While I’m glad that schools have cracked down on bullying since my days, but I feel like half these TikTok kids wouldn’t try these antics if they had gotten their asses kicked in school. Makes you really understand risk/reward when you understand that “socked in the mouth” is a possible outcome. Read more

Don’t get me wrong the billet labs stuff was very mishandled, but they do say in the video that it was designed to be put on a 3090TI, and not the 4090 they tested it on. Read more

Yeah, I kinda EXPECT that ALL of them cut corners in production.  But the environment that Madison paints (and for the record, she isn't just now coming forward with this) is considerably more disturbing. Read more

Weird, I don’t think I’ve ever been Spider-Man pointed at in that manner. It’s been almost exclusively used when we both play the same card in the same turn, as in the pointing Spider-Man meme. Only other usage has been to urge people to play a card, like “hey it’s your turn, I’m done, let’s keep this thing moving Read more

Ms. Marvel is for when you pull off a completely unexpected win, or when the opponent confidently snaps and loses, as if to sarcastically say “good try, champ!” Read more

Most of the time, when I see gamers calling something “toxic,” I turn into Inigo Montoya from The Princess Diaries—“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
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I think this review is the right critical take, but man, comments on major social media platforms are almost universal in its praise. Read more

Good for the creator, but this sucks. Wordle seemed like some part of the Old Internet had reemerged to delight people with a mildly frustrating fun word game. It’s going to suck when this goes behind a paywall.  Read more

Your claim is that in naming his app “Wordle - The App”, he is not trying to ride off the SEO of a popular game named Wordle, but rather a lot of other similar games that are not named Wordle?

You aren’t very good at that “well actually” thing.
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Yeah, it’s the whole “active douchebaggery” angle that really just twists the knife in this situation. Read more

If he hadn’t copied the name and design, I’d have no issues with this. Doug Wardle didn’t invent and doesn’t own the concept and he never claimed otherwise. But if someone wants to make a version with more options and leaderboards and all that, sure, go for it - but at least come up with a new name.
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You’re kidding, right? Like, you forgot to put the /s at the end of your post to show you were being sarcastic, or something? Read more

You could have played it on your phone’s browser you giant ass. Read more

I’m 40, watch a fair amount of Twitch, and honestly don’t care if some people are gaming, some are reacting to Youtube videos, some are licking mics, etc.  Everyone has their thing.  I watch for gaming, but I also watch poker streams, tabletop RPG streams, etc.  Keep yelling at those clouds though. Read more

Ah, so you’re a Whedon-apologist... Fucking disgusting! Read more

It’s about ethics in flames journalism. Read more

This is the perfect example of Art Direction trampling a thousand times “Realistic Graphics” it looks ugly as all hell yeah its nice for some close up textures shot but actually try playing with that, you’ll want to gauge your eyes out Read more

Ark is looking great as usual Read more

They have confirmed all Bethesda games will be day 1 gamepass. Read more