Embarrassed to say this but I just learned the difference between invisible and invincible...I just never realized they were two different words with different meanings... Even though the second my wife mentioned I was so dumbstruck bc of course they are... Read more

im in similar boat w my hyundai elantra, and i wasn’t told that...i brought it in to carmax, and got a quote from them (they actually had a list of leases they won’t buy out, honda, acura, nissan, etc.. and hyundai wasn’t on that list.
what can be confusing that i’ve found out, is the buyout quote is different for you Read more

while i dont disagree with what you said, your title is pretty misleading...”if you’re vaccinated, going to a restaurant isn’t safe yet! ...(because you might go with someone who’s not vaccinated) “ Read more

This is an ongoing debate in my house, to mix cereals or not...I am a firm believer in mixing, and I always eat two together(sometimes more if I’m particularly frisky)...I definitely agree with your sentiment, however one note to add is to make sure the consistency of cereals are at least somewhat similar, and the Read more

Just fyi I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same model but through the Dyson store on Google shopping it’s a little cheaper Read more

Just fyi I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same model but through the Dyson store on Google shopping it’s a little

Hey I’m a dentist, and if anyone needs help or is unsure if what they’re experiencing is an emergency or not , shoot me an email at drfogeldds@gmail Read more

going paleo  might have a totally new connotation Read more

i usually will transfer to a screw top plastic bottle (like a small used water bottle) and squeeze all the air out that i can, and then cover with top, and leave fridge (a lot cheaper than a vacuum pump) Read more

as someone who likes to torture myself and watch the jets, but i don’t live in the tri state area, it’s really difficult unless you pay for nfl ticket (there’s a student option for $100 i think, for the just online streaming, which i’ve done in the past). however this subreddit - Read more

i still miss google reader, and have tried pretty much every reader i can think of and they’re all just not as good as google reader ever was....the only one that comes close imo, is inoreader. i’ve been using it for like 2 years now, and i like it the best of all of them
i didn’t realize this was only for mac, Read more

Can u please do this for Dark ? Read more

....but that commercial tho Read more

....but that commercial tho

So ronery!!

i dunno if exclusively for chrome, but the pushbullet extension is one of my favorites Read more

this messed me up, because for the life of me i couldn’t find it, and then obviously after being told, i couldn’t unsee it
Read more

this is also a very big problem in the dental field. there are two issues, Read more