Half-Life 2

I used to work as a journalist intern, and I was lucky enough that I had chance of trialing an Xbox One for a week, on the day of US launch. I was really happy, and stuff, but then I learned that I have to make a review video about it. I had a lot of help, but, it was the first time of me doing anything like that, so Read more

Unlike the other items on this list, you probably already have this one: you just might not be using it to its full potential. Not everything is better with voice, but complicated tasks like setting reminders, converting units, and even performing simple searches are much, much faster with Google Now (or Siri). And if Read more

Windows Phone allows your inner circle to get though and also, either send a message for those who repeatedly try calling or get's them through. Read more

Did anyone get the 250K? I didn't :c Read more

It's cheaper, smaller, and eats less battery. If you go around clicking the xenon flash the phone will not last too long Read more

Well, it's too sharp. That is a problem. It's nothing life like. If you want the same effect, try pushing up, with any editing software, the clarity Read more… Yeah sorry again. It's just a sharing in kinja, and it looked like if I comment there it will be under the hungarian article, so I messed up kinda. It kinda sucks. Oh and is the official hungarian kinja-gawker site. You know Kotaku can keep posting 0-24 because they have Read more

Uyy, Yeah sorry, I just saw it on where it was copied from kotaku, and I thought when I write a comment there it is gonna be under the article not the kotaku. So really sorry, fuck the new comment system. Read more

Nyáááh, többet vártam. Ahogy elkezdtem játszani GTA V-tel Drive jutott az eszembe. Mész, üldöznek, elbújsz egy sikátorban, lekapcsolod a lámpákat, és izgulsz ahogy a rendőrautó keress téged. Ahogy lebuksz padlógáz, másik sikátor, kiszállás, laza elsétálás. Annyira szeretem Read more

Where's RWBY by Roosterteeth? Read more

Rooster Teeth is one of my favorite thing in the Internet. They make so much content, so funny and entertaining videos, as well informative podcasts, and great shows with RWBY and RvB. Machinima always pulled out too much content, I say this while I'm subscribed to IGN and not sure if it's a good thing. The Smosh Read more

As someone who really liked Mirror's Edge and played it though a number of times, I really like this idea. I have never seen that before, zombies are cool, parkour is cool, I Am Legend stuff is cool, I look forward to this game Read more

This is amazing!!!! As you can see there is the [source2] tagline, which appeared also a year ago, and appears time to time. This was really logical step from Valve, that they create a brand new engine from scratch and then publish the Portal 3, Half Life 3, and Left 4 Dead 3. It's not that they had forgotten about Read more

"If he enters to your house, in many years ahead, alone, pursued by the combine, give him cookies. He likes cookies. But that will probably don't happen, because there is a slightly chance that aliens will appear in the lab, followed by army guys. In case it happens, but It won't don't worry, try to run and stay Read more

I guess it isn't coming soon to Windows Phone right? Read more

And maybe, in some improbable cases, alien soldiers will try to kill you, but that is highly improbable. Oh and now and then there will be a mysterious guy in a suit, and an another guy in an orange suit, the first one is G-Man, the second is Dr. Freeman, our scientist. He will appear time to time, don't worry, help Read more

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Zachariah Scott also did this years ago with Half Life 2. Guess what, it's amazing :D

On steam, I always use the overlay to browse the web while matchmaking. This thing sounds really fun Read more