Nov 4 2015

Lol. Ludacris owns, amongst other things, the Chrysler ME412 concept car. His game is far above yours. Read more

Nov 4 2015

Man, if your comment is to shit on another man’s pride and joy, you need to step up your comment game.

Nov 2 2015

Bro Diesel Trucks, all of them. If you roll coal, you’re getting a fist sandwich.

Feb 26 2015

Friendship does NOT have any bonuses outside of evolving a certain way. HAPPINESS under Memories/Amie is what gives you bonuses.

Feb 6 2015

My old B5 Audi A4 had a carbon driveshaft. There was a giant sticker warning against damaging it. This was back in 1997 before carbon was cool.

Jan 27 2015

Huh?? I've used AirDroid for years from Windoze, Mac, and Linux boxes and never once had to install any software on my desktop to use it. Except, perhaps, a good web browser if I was stuck on a crappy Win install.

Dec 27 2014

As interesting this comparison is, it is a bit of comparing apples with frozen peas. The DB7 is a GT car - built more for the Autobahns than for twisty b-roads.....I'd also wouldn't call 4.8 seconds to 60mph slow (a Supra with similar power output wont be faster). Read more

Dec 26 2014

240Z. Classic style, L-series reliability, easy to work on, huge aftermarket support, and plentiful parts. Run with classic 911s for a fraction of the cost.

Dec 10 2014

Obviously, I'm biased towards Audi, and my favorite Anti-M3 from them would probably be the original RS2, followed closely by all the other S4s and RS4s.

Nov 18 2014

If this thing has even 20% of the customization that armored core series has this will be epic.