Oct 20

Pretty sure the company’s name is “Exxon Mobil.” You probably want to change your headline and the other misspellings in the article. Read more

Oct 12

Yes, we don’t like women candidates because they have vaginas; they have to have good ideas too!

Oct 1

I saw some adrenachrome (sp?) comments which is the first I’d heard of this “theory” and oh boy! I’m honestly scared for humanity because we’ve sunk to deep depths.

Oct 1

“Hooo0oooo boooy. I saw some of the comments. Things like, “Karma!” and “God punishing you for supporting abortion...” Read more

Sep 28

Other than you not liking him for whatever “drama” he may or may not be responsible for, do you have a single piece of evidence to suggest these claims are fraudulent? Read more

Sep 1

I’m really surprised Jezebel didn’t bring up that Melania wouldn’t move into the WH until they’d renovated the bathroom because she didn’t want to use the same shower and toilet as Mrs. Obama. So I think SHE considers Mrs O. is inferior to her,

Jul 14

I was wondering why I was shouting “CHOP-CHOP!!!”, being in no real rush, and a craving for cake at lunch when I normally have bread.

Jul 14

Yeah, that’s some “Let them eat cake” * level of cluelessness right there. Get out the tumbrles. Read more

Jul 14

“My lady, the people have no bread to eat.”
“Then let them eat cake.”

Jul 8

Do you follow Imani Gandy from Rewire News, aka, Angry Black Lady? She’s fantastic and her coverage of SCOTUS is always spot on. This was her reaction to today’s decision: Read more