not for canada - australian in disguise
9:42 PM

This may be an unpopular opinion, but the Supercars Commosigniagal looks way better than the Mustang. You’d think the Mustang would work as a touring car, but it just looks awkward.

4:57 PM

The “KDM” badge isn’t actually a KDM badge used by Kia in Korea, instead it’s a popular aftermarket badge that’s never been officially on any Kia from the factory, even in Korea. However it does bear a strong resemblance to the badge you could find on Kias, mostly Korean-market ones, in the early 2000s, mostly the

4:47 PM

I don’t believe they sold many at all, considering Ford had sold most of their European truck division to Iveco at that point, as well as (as you mentioned) the ubiquity of cabovers over hooded trucks. 

7:14 PM

However, despite the Honda badge, this is an Acura, as it was developed in Canada specifically to be sold as an Acura only in Canada, and Honda Japan liked the design so much over the North American Civic sedan, they chose it for the base of the Asia-Pacific Civic sedan.

12:08 AM

On one hand, I like the cars Tesla makes and hate the endless articles about how Elon Musk is RUINING the car industry and KILLING baby seals by making electric cars. On the other hand, I hate 99/100 Tesla “fans” on the internet. Car brand loyalty is stupid, and Tesla fanboys are no different from Ford or Chevy Read more

12:24 AM

Anyone who buys the sedan version of a car available with a hatchback version should be sent to the GULAG. The only exception is Mazdas (and the Yaris which is a Mazda in a hat), because for some reason Mazda don’t know how a hatchback should look and good lord I hate the Mazda3 hatchback it’s so fucking ugly jesus Read more