not for canada - australian in disguise
Jun 30

Dodge Ram, either a Sport in bright colours or a 2500 with an obnoxious liftkit and a “Fuck Trudeau” sticker: the official truck of “I made a shitload of money in the oil patch and I made absolutely no plans to save any of it and instead just bought a bunch of jetskis even if I live in a province where 90% of the year Read more

Jun 25

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a paper note that isn’t Canadian Tire money in person, since we switched to plastic ages ago. I’m surprised the Eurozone still has paper banknotes. Our new notes are even the wrong way around like how the Swiss do it.

Jun 17

I don’t really see a big market for their smaller hatchbacks, but I think the 508 would work somewhat well, although it would still be a niche vehicle. I genuinely think their crossovers would sell if they actually bother marketing them. Then again, the segment is quite bloated as is. Who knows really.

Jun 14

Sears was founded and started their mail-order business in 1892, while J.C. Penney showed up in 1902 but unlike Sears was a brick-and-mortar business at the start, and only published their first catalogue in 1963, likely because Sears had recently entered the department store game in a big way and J.C. Penney wanted

Jun 14

My Canadian-centric mind is showing. Although I highly doubt those 180 stores that are still left will last much longer, nor will the Mexican stores. I give them about a year. I would’ve given them 2 but then The Event happened.