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Jul 1
Happy Canada Day.

And a reminder that GM in the early 90s was smoking a lot of cocaine and thought selling Isuzus and a single

Jun 17
History repeats itself.

With Chrysler and PSA merging, many brought up that Peugeot were the ones who bought up Chrysler’s old European

Jun 13
The saga of Sears cars.

If you’re a fan of obscure, weird cars, chances are you know of the 1952-1954 Allstate. If you aren’t aware, it was

May 15
Hot take.

Racing Point rebranding to Aston Martin was a mistake. They should’ve rebranded to Manic. Here’s a listicle about

Mar 29
Car identification.

What the hell is in between the Vauxhall Viva/Envoy Epic and Chevrolet in this picture? It’s probably something

Mar 14
Fun fact.

For some strange reason, in the early Seventies, you could walk into a GM dealer and buy either a Chevy Vega, Buick