When I was in my 2o’s, I had a cute butt, perky tits and tiny waist. (But no silicone tits right under my chin.) Now I’m almost 67. After two pregnancies and a hard bout with breast cancer 18 year ago, I have a saggy ass, thick waist, poochy tummy and lopsided boobs. I still go to the gym to increase my muscle mass, Read more

Uhhh yeah, I realize beauty is subjective and such, but “exemplifies western beauty standards” is A BIT rich. She became a Playmate because an old man deemed her fuckable. Without this scandal/crime, I doubt any of us would have any idea who she is. Skinny and blonde with big tits. Next. Read more

Right??? “Not what I meant to do”??? What the fuck were you trying to do exactly when you took a picture of a naked, elderly woman changing? And then sharing it....along with a reaction pic. Fuck that. I’d have slightly more respect for her (albeit an infitisemally small amount) if she just owned it. Sorry; not gonna Read more

Fuck this stupid little bitch. You have to be a thunderous cunt to do something like this in addition to being a naive idiot to think that you could bounce back by saying you’re not ‘that type of person’. She did this because she is EXACTLY that type of person. Read more

I hate it when people do awful things and then distance themselves by saying “That wasn’t me! That’s not who I am!” Read more

“That was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do,” Read more

My mom is 70 years old... if some smug bitch did this to her, I swear to god I would beat her senseless.
Read more

Man, I could’ve told you that was a bad idea, and I’m high as a vulture Read more

“I’m a compassionate person. I’m very heartbroken over her passing, especially since it was cancer.” Read more

I probably wouldn’t talk to Caitlyn either if I was Khloé. Read more

I don’t believe that the true numbers of animals that die from airline flights is reported. It may be agreed-upon silence for settlements, but I’ve heard so many nightmare death stories that I really just wouldn’t trust an airline with a live animal in the cargo-hold. Read more

I surmise that this rabbit died when it was dragged out of the cargo hold so that some employee rabbits could be placed on board. Read more

Glad I’m not alone in this! I also hate people who text & then call once I text back-I hate talking on the phone. Read more

I have visual voicemail on my phone because listening to a v-mail makes me so anxious that I avoid it and miss important things. Being able to read a v-mail helps me to manage. Multiple text messages also get me. I feel less anxious having one 20 line text than 20 one line texts from the same person. Read more

I empathize totally with this. I try to check myself, but often fail. It’s like anxious is my default setting most of the time. Read more

I actually agree with this point. Having lost family members to the Holocaust—of one branch of the extended family, only two individuals survived the camps—I know that there is no rational conversation on this topic. The horror and the grief and the rage are so immense (and should be) that it seems obscene to impose Read more

I disagree that his use of the term was misguided. If we’re working from this definition of concentration camp: Read more

While I often value privacy above all else, including for celebrities, there is only a handful of people in this world as cheerful and kind as Richard Simmons. His good cheer made me a slightly less dark, dour human being in college so therefore yes, I’m going to worry about him and wish him great happiness in his Read more

16. a dating app called “Blocked” that matches you with single people who live on your block automatically blocks every prospective date so you don’t have to deal with that shit Read more