Tyrant Biggles
Aug 12 2019

I hear when you get off the terminal at LAX, they offer a complimentary divorce proceeding/breakup NDA presigned by Brody.

The Kardassians one is so well used they just use a giant rubber stamp of their brand name.

Jul 22 2019

In fairness, that’s probably what his hands feel like.

Jul 5 2019

Another downside: no matter how much you cook it, it still tastes like hot sargassum.

May 31 2019

Didn’t you know? Being a father and a man of faith nullifies the necessity for you to be honest and accountable. Read more

May 11 2019

America will become like Australia, but with Kardashians and Jenners instead of bullfrogs and rabbits. You'll have to leave out kale smoothies with birthcontrol in them because some people will think it's inhumane to mass poison them

Mar 17 2019

The smell of Trump blood in the water has everybody in a feeding frenzy.

Feb 21 2019

Are we entirely sure that it wasn’t Giuliani in a dress again?

Feb 21 2019

Seen this before... still don’t buy it