Flyboy is FAA certified insane
Mar 22 2017
BMW m30 spits flames

So, I recently had the clutch replaced on the 733, as it exploded rather violently on a recent trip.

Feb 21 2017
Today I learned...

That my 1983 BMW 7-series takes 15w40 oil. Otherwise known as “diesel truck” oil. The AutoZone dude looked at me

Nov 8 2016
Clutch system help

If the little rubber boot on the plunger end has a tear, will the system leak really badly into the cabin? Because I

Nov 5 2016
I bought a thing

A very expensive, flying thing. I should have my part 107 commercial UAS certificate by the end if the month, so

Oct 15 2016

What does it mean if my battery light stays on after I’ve turned off the car? Thanks. I just replaced the alternator