Flouncy Pants
Oct 14 2016

Also, she transitioned after an age where women are really targeted. I gotta say, I am only 42, but if I’d suddenly started experiencing the world after 40, I’d have seen a lot of sexism in the ways of mansplaining/talking down to women, but only would have had experience with sexual harassment and assault secondhand, Read more

Sep 30 2016

If you publicly state that you think, even partially, that “at the very least [someone] was privy to some kind of pertinent knowledge [of a murder]”, you should be able to say why you think that. If you can’t suggest even one possible reason for thinking someone may have been partially responsible for a murder, it Read more

Sep 12 2016

Hey, friends! Join me in the Not Wrestling Over the Gendered Language section. Alexis was fantastic and great and was loved by many. Instead of being self-appointed pronoun monitors, let’s love on Alexis’ memory and realize some people will have it right and some people will have it wrong. AIDS sucks, brain tumors Read more

Sep 1 2016

Finding out about this made my day, which says a lot about my sad, sad life.

Jul 21 2016

Ahem the receipts are in about the last 10 mins of this video. As a WoC I tend to research people before I support them....there are a lot of racist, sexist people out there

Jul 5 2016

Lol. Rob dresses like all the wannabe-gangster Armenians in Glendale. Complete with chain, baggy pants, and the stupid hat.

Jun 8 2016

Because in the age when no one wants to buy music, the concerts are where the money is. And yes, pop has always had a manufactured element. That’s what makes it pop music. But the record industry has changed, radically, since the advent of digital music.

Jun 2 2016

It’s been a long journey and frankly while I don’t hide it, I am discreet. It’s too challenging to argue in the face of the facts that people’s lives do get ruined. To say that it’s a lack of control on their part would be wrong and unfair; who’s to know what anyone’s triggers or physical propensities for addiction Read more

Jan 18 2016

I actually had the same issue! My mother in law willed to me her fox fur. I donated it to a animal rights group that uses it for abandoned wildlife that need the feel of fur to help them feel nurtured. I got the tax credit. Win-Win.

Jul 24 2015

Not a stupid question, just easy to answer. Which are the best kind of questions.

Jul 24 2015

Mostly you know because the amount of vapor/cloud produced starts to go away. But yes, the plant material will go from green, to yellowish, to brown.

Jul 18 2015

What a mean spirited post. Some guy feels insecure about his appearance, and your answer is to write a rant at him about his privilege. Unbelievable.

Jul 10 2015

While you all are busy cooing over Mira, I'm eyeballing Mr. Martinez. Hello, handsome :)

Oct 15 2014

the actual condition is somewhat rare (about 1 out of 200 men, said Dr. Alukal) Read more