Jun 18 2015

It won’t work. The scanner will just think it's some prick trying to access your account.

Nov 8 2014

My father has been in remodeling and construction for almost 30 years and he runs into a lot of people who want to do everything as dirt cheap as possible. There is a huge difference between saving money and skimping where it shouldn't be done. When you are remodeling your home why would you think its a good idea to Read more

May 29 2014

Lesson or skill: Learn basic housework. How to cook a meal, take care of your clothing, and keep a home that's clean enough to be safe and comfortable enough to enjoy. Read more

Feb 28 2014

Why is it that singers who have strong accents don't sound like they have accents when they sing?

Jan 7 2014

If you think the only people who have trouble with the police are ones who break the law, you live in a very privileged little bubble.

Dec 13 2013

We all know what you are really saying in Finland. You are trying to get people to drink more rye. Because everybody knows that Finnish people can't get enough of the stuff! What is dangerous, is that Finnish people refuse to use mix. Finnish kids drink straight rye, starting at age 5. This is Finnish law. Pepsi is Read more