Oct 26 2017

I have a reason to celebrate! After 5 years of waiting for The Asshole to fix the divorce papers he wanted me to sign, I went ahead and filed for divorce myself, back in June. This week, the judge signed the decree after The Asshole didn’t respond to the notice he was sent. Read more

Oct 17 2017

Actually, if you bothered to #read, you’d know that last week was a pending suspension and that confirmed as of 4:15 CST today, he has resigned. But I suppose it made you feel really good to think you’ve one upped someone on the internet. Good for you!

Oct 6 2017

“Voting for a racist, sexist demagogue who literally hates everything I am was worth it so I could tell other women what they should do with their God given autonomy. Because God hates women who have abortions, but he loves serial molesters who walk in on underaged girls in dressing rooms, grab women by the pussy, and Read more

Sep 22 2017

Melania Trump planted kale in Michelle Obama’s garden today, which I guess is better than the alternative but like, I don’t know, please step off our leeks!!!! Read more

Sep 16 2017

Because that carrier works ONLY in that small area and unlike Verizon, didn’t advertise nationwide coverage and unlimited data. These tiny regional carriers don’t get huge amounts of federal money so they tend to have crappy, expensive service. While Verizon is the big dog and negotiates contracts to pay (small) fees Read more

Sep 6 2017

They pissed me off with their cheap fabrics and bad cuts. AND the fact their stores ostentatiously stocked nothing above an XL, even though you could get “extended sizes” easily on their websites. You don’t want people to see me buying clothes in your stores? I’m not buying them off your website, either. Read more

Sep 4 2017

I loved how you’ve totally missed the point. Fuck off, easily triggered republican scum.

Sep 3 2017

The thing people are failing to take into consideration is that Tyler Perry is a cunt

Aug 25 2017

“Interestingly enough, you also have to rotate that swastika 45 degrees for it to resemble the Reich’s swastika.” Read more