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This doesn’t make “bullets” non-lethal, it makes a single bullet non lethal, it’s only good for one shot, while the gun it’s attached to can still hold multiple lethal rounds after the first shot is fired. And we know from recent history that cops rarely fire just one round from their hair trigger weapons when Read more

I’m 5’4”. My husband is 6’5”. We bought our bed specifically because it’s exactly his pelvis height. Just saying — shop wisely. Read more

I know the NFL rulebook is long and long-winded as fuck, but I did not expect to see the word “disconcert” in it. I interpret this to mean the inside linebackers can’t make eerie howling noises at the opposing center in the hope of making him shit all over himself and his quarterback’s hands. Read more

How are you connected? Wired or wireless? If wireless, unless you have an 802.11AC router/device you won’t be hitting those speeds. Read more

For what it’s worth, these douchebros made a sign that sounds like they want to call the father’s “Daddy,” not that they want the daughters to call them Daddy.

At my last job, a male writer was making 15k more than I was. He was busted plagiarizing TWICE and not fired. I also wrote twice the volume he did. I brought it up to my boss and was told to “focus on my own work.” Read more

That’s the best kind of feminist. One whose interests have nothing to do with the feminist movement but just plain fair treatment of everybody including those who happen to be female.
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I’m sorry. It probably doesn’t mean much coming from some rando on the internet but I’m so so sorry. You're absolutely right about this shitshow too. Fuck Jared. Fuck Subway. Fuck ANY human being who could do that to a child or allow it to happen. Fuck em’ all. At any rate I hope things are better for you. I hope you Read more

In defense of the Notorious High Heels, Bryce Dallas Howard wanted it in the movie because she believed it suited the character Read more

Instead they have ice girls.
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“Here’s your non-negoitable contract offer. Just remember, that free education can’t have classes that conflict with your football, and we’re going to provide limited health insurance and no economic rights. If you take ANY money from anyone on the side from someone willing to pay you for the image you generate (and Read more

I just want a proper mindfuck. And yet this is so utterly and completely impossible to find... Read more

The name “Football Butt” still kills me every time. Perfect. Read more

Purposely trolling a practice for a fake thing that probably won’t matter to begin with needs to be known as ‘Trumping”.
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‘Who has two thumbs and wants you to step on their nuts in high heels? THIS GUY!"
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It’s amazing that people are incapable of seeing themselves on the wrong side of history despite using identical arguments as people who are now universally reviled.

It’s a step forward as a society that we’ve needed to take for a long time. There is no reason why cars are boy toys and dolls are girl toys. It’s unnecessary to label them at all, and it really limits the stores ability to plan floor space when they have to force full aisles of boys/girls toys as opposed to combining Read more

They don’t consider girls to be people so that’s a nonstarter. Read more