2:11 AM

Because there is a particular personality type that’s drawn to managerial positions, and they are always disasters at management. They don’t understand what management is about but think they can do a better jobs. They want complete control and immediate success and don’t see their employees as human beings. They’ve Read more

1:09 AM

After reading the article, it appears as if those customer service employees working “intense” hours should sue the shit out of Away for the shit ton of unpaid hours they worked Because I doubt they would be found “exempt” under FLSA. Read more

9:11 PM

Given the history I would have been extremely skeptical about the “month off” panning out. It’s an absurd offer for a division that was apparently understaffed.

3:17 PM

I’m an airline pilot that flew out of Chicago during this storm. What happened here was you have a contaminated runway, snow and ice with braking action advisories in effect, plus a strong gusty crosswind. After touchdown, the mostly likely cause was as the plane slowed and the rudder loses effectiveness you rely more Read more

10:08 AM

Yeah I had a 4 day pass and spent over half my time in artist’s alley.  To be able to meet the creators of these worlds and see that they’re just as invested as superfans is really cool. Lots of mindblowing art to see too. 

6:49 AM

Artists Alley where all the comic artists, the ones who originally create all of these characters and whom without none of the rest of the con or film and media would be possible, really doesn’t exist for the io9 coverage reporters does it? Read more

11:20 AM

Aron hosted a podcast called 7th Rule that was all about Star Trek. His co-host was his DS9 buddy Cirroc Lofton. Aron was not just a great addition to the Trek cast of characters, he was an enthusiastic and devoted fan of the franchise. What a sad loss. 

9:13 AM

What a great and underated movie, now I gotta go home and watch that movie

6:34 PM

The husband asked for a wellness check on the son because he suspected something was off.

5:01 PM

I remember a case where a woman shot and killed her daughters and herself because her husband was leaving her - the woman told her husband outright, as she was doing it, that she was doing it to punish him. This mentions her ex-husband; I wonder if this is a similar thing? Read more

4:19 PM

I feel like at some point Goldblum saw all the parodies of himself and decided to beat them to the punch by outdoing them and adopting it as his permanent public persona.

3:40 PM

I had some faith that SyFy would resurrect some of its old glory (from when it had Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1) when they said they wanted to “get back to their roots” and started to bring on shows like the Expanse, 12 Monkeys, Dark Matter, Continuum, etc. Read more

2:19 PM

We forget TV from the time when there was no DVRs, no internet to watch old eps, and you had to rely on summer reruns to catch episodes you miss. Shows couldn’t rely on people watching every ep, so putting easter eggs or consecutive storylines just wasn’t an option. While I’d have loved to see more of it linger, TNG Read more