9:13 AM

What a great and underated movie, now I gotta go home and watch that movie

6:34 PM

The husband asked for a wellness check on the son because he suspected something was off.

5:01 PM

I remember a case where a woman shot and killed her daughters and herself because her husband was leaving her - the woman told her husband outright, as she was doing it, that she was doing it to punish him. This mentions her ex-husband; I wonder if this is a similar thing?

4:19 PM

I feel like at some point Goldblum saw all the parodies of himself and decided to beat them to the punch by outdoing them and adopting it as his permanent public persona.

3:40 PM

I had some faith that SyFy would resurrect some of its old glory (from when it had Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1) when they said they wanted to “get back to their roots” and started to bring on shows like the Expanse, 12 Monkeys, Dark Matter, Continuum, etc.

11:52 AM

Odd, if my black ass told the police that I thought the President was talking to me directly through the TV screen, I’d be thrown in jail for life (I don’t even get a nice padded cell, either). This guy gets the “Oh, he’s just has an old head injury, poor boy” defense. The fuck is this nonsense?

11:49 AM

That Betty White meme is going to be the answer to anything and everything for quite a while longer, I’m afraid... Do we even want to imagine the scenario if the colour scheme were reversed? I kinda don’t.

2:54 PM

It can start to feel stale because it’s recirculating the air that everyone inside the car is breathing out, and I think some folks might be more sensitive to that than others. But recirculated air will definitely be more humid, which is why it’s a bad idea to use that mode in the winter (fogs up your windows).

2:31 PM

When you first get into a sweltering car and start to crank the AC, hit the air recirculation button, too. This will recirculate the now slightly cooler air from the car and cool it down even further, rather than pulling in more hot air from outside. The process cools your car down quicker than using the regular fresh

2:22 PM

I read some time ago somewhere (might have been here in LH) that when you get into a hot car in the Summer, you should open the windows and hit the A/C at full power with the recirculation button OFF, so it “pushes” the hot air out. As soon as you feel that the air blast from the vents starts to cool off, you close

11:36 AM

The one thing that pisses me off about the current “look” of the internet these days is that every fucking website has a “Don’t walk into the light” bright-ass white background. Add some color, bitches!!!

9:37 AM

I liked it better when you included the name of the subject in the headline. Now so many of them say things like “this app” or “this phrase.”

4:13 PM

Yeah this is a real thing. A former friend of my husband’s, who attended business school with a bunch of our friends, turned out to be a LEGIT BANK ROBBER out of nowhere. Like he’d been telling people he had his own business and all this jazz but in reality he was wanted for robbing three separate banks. It was WILD.

2:19 PM

We forget TV from the time when there was no DVRs, no internet to watch old eps, and you had to rely on summer reruns to catch episodes you miss. Shows couldn’t rely on people watching every ep, so putting easter eggs or consecutive storylines just wasn’t an option. While I’d have loved to see more of it linger, TNG