fleur de livres
Oct 12 2017

It’s lame that y’all were just trying to get sexy and she was messing up the vibe. But I appreciate that she’s still warning women about ain’t shit fuckboys from beyond the grave. She a real one. 

Jul 7 2017

That’s a fair point! There’s no reason they couldn’t have helped if they were present. Although you also make a fair point with the smoke. It’s tough to find a world in witch burnings, charmed or no, end well for society.

Aug 20 2016

Yeah, this cycle is coming to a close but if you set up a search, it will report to you when the search is matched. They actually made multiple calls for applications this year.

Aug 17 2016

Different strokes for different folks! I can’t fathom paying $100+ for a pet bed because of decor. However, I totally understand paying double that for health, safety, or comfort of the pet, not matter what it looks like.

Jun 20 2016

uhm, no you are being a jerk who apparently can’t comprehend the difference between the book material and the movie adaption. The comparison to the X-Men via the trailer is spot-on. There is nothing to “correct” because the book doesn’t matter in regard to the trailer presented as it is. You can stomp your feed all Read more

May 5 2016

Will this finally stop people from asking for that fucking statue back? Let’s just melt it down, closest replication to where he is if there’s any thing as justice.