fleur de livres
Apr 19 2015
Polaroid coasters

I posted a photo of these coasters I made the other day on Twitter, and there was some interest in how they were

Jan 15 2015

Often my favorite stories that I hear from people are the bonkers things that have happened in their families, or

Aug 5 2014

I wanted to share this for your schadenfreudistic (it's a word now) pleasure and because I couldn't do it justice on

Jul 16 2014
I need advice! [Updated]

Good people of Craft Club, please forgive my poor time management skills that have caused this to be my first

May 2 2014

I've been working really late, and today I did not want to do laundry SO much that I actually went to Walmart (which

Apr 27 2014

I'm supposed to be working on a project, but I'm...not. Want to help me procrastinate? I'm not 100% sure how it